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Hypnosis for Fertility

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                                               Hypnosis for Fertility

Healthy Changes Hypnosis offers our Hypnosis for Fertility program to assist couples and individuals on their fertility journey by using hypnosis to help them achieve conception, have a healthy and uneventful pregnancy and enjoy the stress- free birth of a healthy baby.

The best possible news ...3 healthy babies born to mom's who successfully used Hypnosis for Fertility to help them with their fertility journey in 2019! What could be more exciting? What a miraculous year that was!

Baby Boy L- May

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Baby Girl S- June

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Baby Boy A- Sept

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             What is Hypnosis for Fertility?

Hypnosis for Fertility involves using hypnosis to help clients conceive a baby naturally or as complementary therapy to Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) in order to increase the success of these medical procedures. Hypnosis is extremely useful in reducing stress, removing Limiting Beliefs and improving self-confidence... issues that may be preventing natural conception or impeding the success of ART procedures.


What are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting Beliefs are stories we tell ourselves that are not necessarily true.

    Why is Hypnosis  for Fertility needed?

In recent years, as women postpone starting or adding to their families, they find that when they do endeavor to become pregnant in their 30’s and 40’s they are told they are “high risk” or “geriatric moms” at the age of 35!

With these labels in mind, and hearing the media proclaim the “epidemic” of infertility, some women begin to fear they will never have the family of their dreams. Often a woman who is not pregnant within a year is diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility, which means that no physiological reason can be found for her failure to conceive. While this diagnosis can be devastating to hear, it can actually be somewhat hopeful, as it means that there is no physical reason for her inability to conceive and something else is preventing a healthy pregnancy and birth.


Sometimes a woman has subconscious blocks or Limiting Beliefs about her ability to conceive that she is unaware of, but, most often the “chief culprits” are stress and a lack of confidence on the part of the woman (and often her partner as well). The inability of a couple to carry out the normal reproductive function that seems to come so easily to so many others, can seriously erode self-confidence and add a strain to the relationship that exacerbates the stress they already feel.



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The Hypnosis for Fertility process, is designed to address the issues of stress and lack of confidence in clients who are experiencing problems with their fertility journey. Because the body "hears" every word we say, it is also very important for clients to explore any Limiting Beliefs they may have about their ability to conceive and carry a healthy baby to term. Because hypnosis  works with the Subconscious mind, it is highly effective in addressing, examining and removing Limiting Beliefs and other issues that may impact a successful fertility journey.

The goal of the Hypnosis for Fertility process is to instill a sense of control in a client which enables her to maximize her chances of conceiving a baby naturally or increasing the success of any ART procedures she has scheduled. Hypnosis can also help to uncover and release any subconscious blocks to conception a woman may not even realize she has, thereby increasing her chances of conceiving naturally or having a successful ART procedure.

Throughout the months of disappointment of not being able to conceive a baby and the months (or years) of difficult medical procedures, a woman can feel like she has given over control of her life to others, which greatly increases the stress she may already experience through the demands of her career and family life.  She may also be troubled by "needle phobia"( which makes many ART procedures more stressful ) which can often be successfully resolved with hypnosis.

The Hypnosis for Fertility program at Healthy Changes Hypnosis can enhance a woman’s overall health and ultimately increase her chances of realizing the family of her dreams,



    How the Hypnosis for Fertility program at Healthy Changes Hypnosis helps

For more information about the  Hypnosis for Fertility program at Healthy Changes Hypnosis :

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