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Perioperative Services

Hypnosis Services // Houston, TX

Hypnosis Prior to Surgery / Medical Procedure

Healthy Changes Hypnosis is committed to joining with healthcare professionals in assisting clients in having a safe, comfortable and stress-free surgical experience and a rapid, uneventful recovery.


Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for helping clients address their fears and anxiety about having surgery. Teaching clients to use self-hypnosis to control their stress can help them have a safer and less complicated surgery, as well as a swifter and more complete recovery.


By helping the subconscious mind to expect better outcomes, hypnosis can be used to help allay many of the side-effects of surgery that people have come to expect. For example, surgery patients do not necessarily have to become nauseated and vomit from their meds and anesthesia.

Hypnosis can also help patients manage pain, and relax muscle tension. When patients feel more in control, they are much more likely to comply with physicians' orders for medications, therapy and the need for mobility following surgery - all of which can lead to faster, safer recovery and less time spent in the hospital. Less hospital time is a very positive outcome for the patient!

Children Need Help Too...

Children are excellent subjects for hypnosis and usually enjoy it a great deal. Children are especially prone to fear and anxiety about surgery (or any hospital experience) because they don't understand much of what they hear and don't know what questions to ask to allay these fears.


Ask your child what concerns him/her about being in the hospital or having surgery.


Address these issues honestly and ask for help with those you can't answer.


Most children are very afraid of needles and of being hurt. They also fear being out of control in environment that is alien to them. Many times they are afraid they will not wake up from the anesthesia when they are told they are going to be "put to sleep." Older children may also fear being disfigured from the surgery and resent being "different" from their peers due to their condition.

Hypnosis is especially effective in helping children with their fears about surgery and in creating suggestions for healthy outcomes for them.

How Healthy Changes Hypnosis Can Help You and Your Family

Healthy Changes Hypnosis can assist you with your perioperative experience by helping you address your concerns prior to the surgery and by teaching you how to do self-hypnosis to alleviate your fears and anxiety.

We will provide you with a CD to help you relax and control your stress prior to your hospitalization. During your hypnosis sessions, we will suggest to your subconscious mind that your outcomes will be positive and your recovery swift and uneventful. Positive expectations equal better outcomes.

Hypnosis is used to complement, not replace, your medical treatment and we encourage you to discuss your concerns about your surgery with your physicians prior to your hospitalization. It is very important that you be informed and trust your surgical team and all the healthcare providers involved in your surgery and recovery.


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