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As an RN, I am very conscious of the need to keep my clients safe and healthy when they come into my office. IMHO, the Covid 19 virus does not care about personal beliefs or opinions, it just wants to find a host and replicate itself, so I am asking my clients to continue to " mask-up" when they come in for their hypnosis sessions. In light of the emergence of the Delta variant, which appears to be highly transmissible, I am especially concerned about the safety of children who are too young to be vaccinated, so we will continue our safety precautions.  Free masks are available upon  request.                                    
                                                   "Spread kindness, not germs."
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Healthy Changes Hypnosis has been re-opened for several months now and we are successfully using Social Distancing and wearing masks in accordance with the Coronavirus precautions. The client recliner is far enough away from the couch (where I sit) to allow us to feel safe. We wear our masks until the client begins hypnosis at which time the client is allowed to remove the mask and I use a face shield to insure that we are both safe.  We put the masks on again when the session is done. Free masks are available in the office. If you have questions, please call or text  me at 713-562--2864. Come see me soon! Suzanne.

Note: If you can't come in to the office, please see the Events page for Self-Hypnosis instructions and call or text me if you need help learning this skill.   713-562-2864

 The Healthy Changes Hypnosis Academic Star Program    
                   helps  kids be successful in school!

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Last year was a very tough time for many children who did not do well with distance learning and who missed being with their peers in a school setting. If your child is struggling to catch up academically or is experiencing emotional issues due to the chaos and fear of the past months, perhaps Healthy Changes Hypnosis can help by teaching your child how to use Self-hypnosis to conquer fears and problems. We tell our clients that  Self-"hypnosis is using your imagination to help yourself". By learning to use the process of Self-hypnosis, many children and teens are able to:

                                                        * Change problem behaviors

                                                         *Improve focus and concentration

                                                         *Defeat test anxiety

                                                         *Enjoy learning and reading

                                                         *Improve study/work habits

                                                         *Manage learning problems

                                                         *Increase self-confidence

Call or text Suzanne today at 713-562-2864 to schedule your child's appointments to help them start the new school year as Academic Stars!

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                                  Kids get stressed and anxious too!


At Healthy Changes Hypnosis, we love to help children resolve issues that may be causing them to be stressed and anxious. We use stories, toys, Tapping and hypnosis  to teach children how to use Self-hypnosis to be "calm, confident and in control" of their fears and anxieties. Call or text me at 713-562-2864 for more information and to schedule and appointment for your child.

" Self-hypnosis is using your imagination to help yourself..."

       Do you have the "Stress Makes Me Want to Eat All The Time Blues"?

Is Stress making you crave "comfort food "? Is it causing you to overeat and gain weight? 

                                         Hypnosis can help you with's how...

Lose Weight-Feel Great Hypnosis can help you Tame Your Stress and get control over your eating habits. Weight loss is not just using boring, tedious diets. It is a lifestyle choice that involves habit change. Hypnosis is especially useful in asking the Subconscious mind to change the habits that are causing you to overeat and gain weight. As Oprah says, "What have you got to lose?"
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Healthy Changes Hypnosis can help you get control of your eating habit by learning to control your portions, and choose healthy foods. Hypnosis can also help you stay motivated to exercise...

Lose Weight-Feel Great hypnosis is the easy, fun and relaxing way to finally get control of your eating habits. Using hypnosis, we help you learn how to control the portions you eat, select healthier foods and help you get motivated to begin to exercise appropriately. This is habit change not a tedious, blah diet you can't follow. Lose Weight- Feel Great Hypnosis is especially effective with weight loss programs like Weight Watchers or on-line educational web-sites like the ADA program called Choose Your Plate or that teach you how to choose and prepare healthy foods. Call or text Suzanne today for more information and to schedule your appointment for Lose Weight-Feel Great Hypnosis. 713-562-2864.


Hypnosis can help kids with weight problems too!

Is your child is struggling with controlling his/her eating habits,and is overweight? Is he/ she getting bullied at school because of weight issues?  Let us help them with our fun, easy and informative Lose Weight-Feel Great Hypnosis sessions for kids. No child should be bullied and ridiculed because of his/her appearance when the habit of over-eating can be conquered with hypnosis. Healthy Changes Hypnosis can help your child be healthier, happier and live the life he/she wants and deserves. Call or text Suzanne at 713-562-2864 for more information and to schedule an appointment. This could be the best gift you will ever give your child!

            Everyone quits smoking eventually... why not do it NOW?

Make 2021 the year you finally get free of your addiction to tobacco!

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Smoking is a habit you learned, and it can be unlearned. Even though nicotine is very addictive, you can overcome it. I have not had a cigarette for 28 years (and I smoked for 30 years!) It can be done and hypnosis is the easy, relaxing and cheap way to do it.

 Smoking is not socially acceptable anymore, and people, who are important to you socially and professionally, are making judgments about you as a smoker, that you will not be able to change. The thing you can change right now is the habit of smoking!

Your tobacco company will not pay your medical bills or your funeral expenses. So what do you have got to lose when you quit smoking? COPD, lung cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, infertility...bad breath, stinky clothes, bad teeth and gums...

What have you got to gain? Lots of money, better health (your body starts to heal itself as soon as you quit smoking) better smelling breath and clothes, improved dental health...improved self-esteem...

 Decide today that you want to live smoke free and believe you can...we will help you achieve your goal to quit smoking. TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE TODAY!

Call us today at 713-562-2864 (cell) or email us at to set up your appointment NOW!

            You were not born with a cigarette in your mouth!

If your child is scheduled for surgery or another medical procedure soon, hypnosis can help with fears and anxieties...


We use toys, puppets, stories and hypnosis to help alleviate your child's fears and address his/her concerns about having surgery or a medical procedure. Call us today for more information about our Perioperative Hypnosis services. 713-562-2864. Ask your child's physician to refer you to Healthy Changes Hypnosis today.

Ask about getting your FREE copy of our new booklet for parents and families: How You Can Help Your Child Prepare for Surgery (or Other Medical Procedures). Call or text Suzanne at 713-562-2864

Is ANGER causing you

    serious problems?

Anger is a natural emotion that usually stems from a perceived threat or loss. It can affects our bodies, thoughts, feelings and behavior and may be experienced in many ways.

Anger can be an incredibly damaging force that can cost people their health, their jobs, their personal and professional relationships and even their lives. It can also be damaging to a person's self-respect and self-esteem.

The good news is that anger can managed. Anger Management Hypnosis is very  effective in helping people identify their anger "trigger" and find ways to manage it in accepable  ways.

If anger is affecting your life in unhealthy ways, call today for an appointment to see if we can help you.


                                                             713-562-2864 (cell- text or call)

      Where to find us...

Please note that we are now in Suite 113. This map is out-of-date.

We are now in Ste. 113 at 9219 Katy Frwy.
Houston, TX. 77024.
Exit Blalock/Echo Lane off of I-10 eastbound.
We are the 3rd building east of McDonalds.
Parking is in back of building.(free)
 9219 Katy Frwy. Ste. 113, Houston TX.  77024
We are on the eastbound I-10 feeder road between Blalock and Campbell Road.
Take the Blalock exit and at the intersection of Blalock and I-10 feeder you will find a McDonalds. We are the 3rd building east of McDonalds.Parking is in the back of the building.

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