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          Did you know that February is National Heart Month?

At Healthy Changes Hypnosis, we can help you make your heart happier by teaching you how to use hypnosis to change your eating habits, quit smoking (or vaping) and conquer your stress. Call or text Suzanne today at 713-562-2864 for more information.

            Everyone quits smoking eventually... why not do it NOW?
Make 2024 the year you finally get free of your addiction to tobacco!

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Hypnosis is the perfect tool to help you become a Non-Smoker again( you were not born with a cigarette in your mouth). It's the easy, cheap and relaxing way to convince your sub-conscious mind that you no longer want to ruin your health by smoking cigarettes.

Take back control of your life today!

              Call or text 713-562-2864 for an appointment now!
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             Quit Vaping Today Hypnosis Special Deal for Teens

      3 sessions for $149.00 (half-price)

As of January 1, 2024, the new Anti-Vaping law went into effect in the Texas schools. Kids caught with vaping materials in school can be subject to removal from their regular classes  to Detention School. That is why I am offering the above Special Deal to kids and teens who need to Quit Vaping.

Big Tobacco companies, who own the e Cigarette brands, market them as a "safe alternative to smoking cigarettes", but e Cigarettes are nothing more than nicotine delivery systems. Nicotine is extremely addictive not matter how it's delivered! But...just like with smoking tobacco, hypnosis is extremely effective in helping people overcome the addiction to nicotine delivered by vaping.

 Call or text Suzanne today for more information about this 

                   Quit Vaping Today Special Deal!



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Healthy Changes Hypnosis is continuing our Lose Weight-Feel Great Hypnosis Special Deal until the end of March, 2024...3 sessions for $149.00 (half-price). Call or text Suzanne today at 713-562-2864 for more information and to schedule your appointment.

                        Did you resolve to lose weight in 2024 ?

Kid's Can Need Help With Weight Loss Too.

No child or teen should be bullied and shamed because of their appearance but we all know it happens all the time. If your child is having weight issues, hypnosis can be the perfect tool to teach them how to change their eating habits and be motivated to exercise.

We tell kids that "Hypnosis is using your imagination to help you change and control what you never thought you could." We use stories, toys and hypnosis to teach kids  how to be successful with managing their weight so they have have the life they want and deserve.

Call or text Healthy Changes Hypnosis today at 713-562-2864 to schedule an appointment for your child. Saturday appointment available.

               Pre-op Hypnosis Services at Healthy Changes Hypnosis
Hypnosis is perfect for addressing and conquering fears and anxieties that cause many of us to be stressed or overwhelmed. For example, many people become anxious and afraid if they have to have medical treatment, especially if needles are involved. So, if you are scheduled to have surgery or other medical procedures, let us help you with our Pre-op Hypnosis Services.
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We use hypnosis to help alleviate your fears and address your concerns about having surgery or a medical procedure. Call or text us today for more information about our Pre-op Hypnosis services. 713-562-2864. We will teach you how to manage your anxiety, post-op discomfort and help you stay motivated to comply with your doctor's orders for medications and treatments/rehab. We can help you expect and assume you will have a safe, uneventful surgery/procedure followed by a rapid and comfortable recovery.

We can also help children and teens with their concerns about having surgery or other medical procedures. Call or text 713-562-2864 for information and to request a free copy of our booklet: How To Help Your Child Prepare for Surgery (or Other Medical Procedures).
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Healthy Changes Hypnosis has Anger Management Services too...

                      Is ANGER causing you serious problems with:
                                      your relationships?
                                      your job?
                                      your mental and physical health?

                                      your self-esteem?

Angry people yelling at each other..jpg

Anger is a natural emotion that usually stems from a perceived threat or loss. It can affects our bodies, thoughts, feelings and behavior and may be experienced in many ways.

Anger can be an incredibly damaging force that can cost people their health, their jobs, their personal and professional relationships and even their lives. It can also be damaging to a person's self-respect and self-esteem.

The good news is that anger can managed. Anger Management Hypnosis is very  effective in helping people identify their anger "triggers" and find ways to manage them in acceptable  ways. Hypnosis can also help you relax and reduce the stress that may be causing your anger to be out of control.

     If anger is affecting your life in unhealthy ways, call or text us today for

     an appointment to see if we can help you take control of your life.




      Where to find us...

Please note that we are now in Suite 113. This map is out-of-date.

We are on the eastbound I-10 feeder road between Blalock and Campbell Road.
Take the Blalock /Echo Lane exit off of I-10 eastbound.We are the third building east of the McDonalds at the intersection of Blalock and I-10 feeder. Parking is in the back of the building facing the Hedwig Village City Hall building. Suite 113 is to the left of the main lobby. See you soon!                        

                  9219 Katy Fwy. Ste. 113, Houston, TX. 77024

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                            Our cozy, safe and comfortable office.

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