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Kids are anxious too...

Well... we are now several weeks into the Coronavirus crisis and I think we are all sick and tired of being anxious and afraid. It seems we are in a situation that is not of our making and we don't have a clue when it will end. Fear and lack of perceived control can cause extreme levels of stress and chronic (long-term) stress is a serious problem for our mental, physical and emotional health. I am trying to do what I can to remain optimistic but I am really missing my clients and helping them use hypnosis to resolve issues that are bothering them. So, I have been asking myself "What can I do to help?"  I'm not even sure what people need right now (other than to get back to our "normal" lives) Then I saw an article in the Houston Chronicle recently about a 12 year old girl who was so sick her mother took her to the doctor who diagnosed her with ANXIETY! I think we sometimes forget that children can get so afraid and anxious that they become physically ill, so I decided to post some ideas for resources that I have found help my Pediatric clients. Hopefully some of these will help your kids.

    1.  Self-Hypnosis- I tell kids that doing Self- Hypnosis is just "using your imagination to help yourself with

         your problems. I have posted directions on my Events page for how to do Self-Hypnosis. It is easy and very      



     2. Tapping- Tapping is a technique that kids love to do and is amazingly powerful. It "changes the channel" in

          your mind and gives a real sense of control. Nick Ortner (The Tapping Solution) has a good video on YouTube

          on how to do Tapping. Lots of videos on YouTube on Tapping, so look for ones that you child likes and can


     3. Ask your child to use drawings and stories to tell you how they are feeling right now. I use a number of

         stories from the Harry Hypno-potamus books. If you want a copy of a story call or text me at 713-562-2864   

         I will send you a hard copy of the story.

      4. Answer you kids' questions as truthfully as you can but don't overload them with too much information at

          one time. BTW... please don't get your information from Facebook or Fox news. Find reliable medical

          resources. The more you understand how this virus works, the more confident you can be in keeping

          your family safe and well.

       5. Teaching you kids how to wash their hands and to wear a face-mask will help them feel more in control.

           There are some really cool videos for Handwashing for Kids set to music on YouTube. Kids are also coming 

           up with some really creative ways to make their own face-masks.

        6. Helping other people is a great way to feel better yourself- I am impressed with how many helpful projects

            children are thinking of to help other people right now. Never underestimate the imagination and

            compassion kids can show in a crisis!   

        7. If your child is really suffering mentally, physically and emotionally , please try to find a professional who

            can help. Your Pediatrician might recommend someone and/or prescribe anti-anxiety medication. If your

            child is a Highly Sensitive Child (author of this book Elaine Aron has a web-site that is helpful), this crisis

            may feel very traumatic right now. I highly recommend this book(available on Amazon).

         8. Remember, your body hears every word you think or say! Post this very powerful affirmation in your home 

                                      "Every day, in every way,, I''m getting better and better!"    Emile Coue

So, I hope some of this information is helpful to you and your family. If you would like to have the instructions and diagram for Tapping for Kids, please call or text me at 713-562-2864 and I will send you this material. I also have a CD called Tame Your Stress that I can send you. I know CDs are "old school", but flash drives are just too expensive to send out for free right now. I am trying to post it  this CD to this web-site but need some help with that process.If you know how to do this, please contact me...or ask your kids to help, I'm sure they know how!

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                                                                         *Tapping for Kids packet

                                                                          *Harry the Hypno-potamus stories

                                                                          *Tame Your Stress CD


 BTW... if you have some suggestions that I can add to this list of resources... maybe some things your kids have found helpful...please contact me at the above cell number or my email: hypnosue7@att.net.

                                                                        Please stay safe and well.



              Here's a little message from Pooh you can share with your kids...you can find prints on Google Images

Note: Please see Events Page for my new article on Anxiety.

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Is ANGER causing you

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