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    Still having trouble controlling your appetite?

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It might be funny when Garfield over-eats, but with us,the lack of  
                 appetite control can create serious problems!

Regardless of what Oprah says, appetite control requires more than Ozempic or Wagovy! Not only are these medications expensive, but a person cannot stay on them indefinitely...and they have some undesirable side-effects.

APPETlTE CONTROL in the human body is a complex process that requires more than medications or will power to change, because it involves the energy needs of the major organs of the body and is strongly influenced by the Sub-conscious mind which is the Unseen Commander in charge of the automatic functions of the body.

So here's how we approach weight management issues at Healthy Changes Hypnosis:

Using the process of hypnosis, we ask the Sub-conscious mind to change it's Weight Set-point (what is thinks you should weigh) then we ask it to help you focus on 3 things...choosing healthy foods, limiting the portions you eat and exercising appropriately.

Weight loss is HABIT CHANGE WORK and requires both Conscious and Sub-conscious efforts to change bad eating habits and maintain good ones. It's not a's a life-style change! It's also an image change!


If you want to hear the rest of this little sermon and need to get control of your eating habits once and for or text me at 713-562-2864.    

Suzanne Sears RN, ACCH

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Speaking of changing bad habits...everyone quits smoking eventually (think about that). If 2024 is your year to finally become a Non-smoker again (you  weren't born with a cigarette in your mouth) call or text me at 713-562-2864 and lets discuss saving your life.

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Healthy Changes Hypnosis has Anger Management Services too...

Anger is a natural emotion that usually stems from a perceived threat or loss. It can affects our bodies, thoughts, feelings and behavior and may be experienced in many ways.

Anger can be an incredibly damaging force that can cost people their health, their jobs, their personal and professional relationships and even their lives. It can also be damaging to a person's self-respect and self-esteem.

The good news is that anger can managed. Anger Management Hypnosis is very  effective in helping people identify their anger "triggers" and find ways to manage them in acceptable  ways. Hypnosis can also help you relax and reduce the stress that may be causing your anger to be out of control.

     If anger is affecting your life in unhealthy ways, call or text us today for

     an appointment to see if we can help you take control of your life.




                            Come visit our cozy, safe and comfortable office.

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Where to find us:9219 Katy Frwy. Ste. 113, Houston, TX. 77024
Take the Blalock Exit off of eastbound I-10. We are the third building east of McDonald's. Free parking in the back.

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