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Healthy Changes Hypnosis is now accepting new clients. Call or text Suzanne at 713-562-2864 for more information.

Spring Special for Kids and Teens- 3 sessions for $149.00 (half-price)

Kids and Teens Need Help Now

The past three years have been difficult for many kids and teens and there has been an alarming increase in the number of young people presenting to hospital ERs with serious mental health problems. Change and disruption of a person's routine and a lack of normal social contact can create a level of stress that many kids and teens don't have the experience to manage.


If your child is having problems with fears, anxiety and stress, please consider scheduling an appointment for hypnosis for these issues. We will teach your child how to use Self-Hypnosis, as well as other "tools", to help them feel more in control of themselves . We tell kids that hypnosis is 'using your imagination to help yourself".


From this...                                                                                      To this!

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If your child is having problems at home or at school, you may want to read my blog article Understanding Your Highly Sensitive Child. If you would like to have a free copy of this article, please call or text Suzanne at 713-562-2864. I find that many of the children who come to see me for help are Highly Sensitive Children and just need help understanding that they are not "wrong" but that they are being overwhelmed by an increasingly overstimulating world. Being Highly Sensitive is not a problem or a is simply a nervous system "wiring" issue whereby the brain doesn't "filter out" many stimuli so the person notices things other people do not. This can make it hard to focus and to avoid being overstimulated. HSCs are usually smart, intuitive, creative and empathetic people who just may need help understanding how to cope with the world around them.

The Highly Sensitive Child cover_edited.jpg

The Highly Sensitive Child
      by Elaine Aron, PhD.

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           Is stress giving you the"I Want to Eat All The Time Blues"?

Healthy Changes Hypnosis can help you get control of your weight without boring, tedious diets by suggesting to your subconscious mind that you can:
                                   1. Choose healthy foods
                                   2. Control portions
                                   3. Exercise appropriately

Weight control involves habit and self-image change rather than trendy diets, supplements or pills. Learning to use Self-Hypnosis helps with the motivation needed to make and maintain these changes so you can say good-bye to  "yo-yo" weight changes. Call or text today for more information. 713-562-2864


    Hypnosis is the next best thing to having a Magic Button!

Hypnosis is an easy, fun and relaxing process that can help you lose weight, quit smoking, manage stress, increase self-confidence and make the changes you want so you can lead the life you want and deserve!

Learning Self-Hypnosis is a gift you can give yourself!

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             Understanding the Magic and Power of Your Subconscious Mind


Learn to Use Self-Hypnosis

The mind is made up of the Conscious and Subconscious Minds with the Critical Faculty between, which is made up of the "filters" created by our perceptions and expectations. The Subconscious Mind controls every aspect of our lives as well as all of the automatic functions of the body. Usually when we are having problems, the Subconscious is operating with unhelpful or out-of-date information. Hypnosis is the process of addressing the Subconscious mind to update the information it needs to resolve the issues that are keeping us from living the lives we want and deserve.

You can easily learn to use Self-Hypnosis and ask your Subconscious Mind to correct its data to resolve the issues that concern you.

See the Events page of this web-site to learn how to do Self-Hypnosis or you can text/call Suzanne to make an appointment to come in to learn this process and how to use it successfully to enrich your life. I tell the children that "Hypnosis is using your Imagination to help yourself."


More about weight control...

weigth mgt dear diary.jpg

                        Weight loss involves changing your eating habits :
                                     What you eat( foods choices and portions);
                                                When you eat and
                                                     How you eat.

Healthy Changes Hypnosis can help you get control of your eating habit by learning to control your portions, and choose healthy foods. Hypnosis can also help you stay motivated to exercise...

Lose Weight-Feel Great hypnosis is the easy, fun and relaxing way to finally get control of your eating habits.


Using hypnosis, we help you learn how to control the portions you eat, select healthier foods and help you get motivated to begin to exercise appropriately.

                                This is habit change not a tedious, blah diet you can't follow.


Lose Weight- Feel Great Hypnosis is especially effective with weight loss programs like Weight Watchers or on-line educational web-sites like the ADA program called Choose Your Plate or that teach you how to choose and prepare healthy foods.

Call or text Suzanne today for more information and to schedule your appointment for Lose Weight-Feel Great Hypnosis. 713-562-2864.

Hypnosis can help kids with weight problems too!

                                 Is your child is struggling with controlling his/her eating habits,and is overweight?


                      Is he/ she getting bullied at school,excluded from games, lacking friends because of weight issues? 


            Let us help them with our fun, easy and informative Lose Weight-Feel Great Hypnosis sessions for kids.


No child should be bullied and ridiculed because of his/her appearance when the habit of over-eating can be conquered with hypnosis.


Healthy Changes Hypnosis can help your child be healthier, happier and live the life he/she wants and deserves.

I tell kids that "hypnosis is using your imagination to help yourself control things you never thought you could"


Call or text Suzanne at 713-562-2864 for more information and to schedule an appointment. This could be the best gift you will ever give your child!

            Everyone quits smoking eventually... why not do it NOW?
Make 2023 the year you finally get free of your addiction to tobacco!

stop smoking button good.jpg



Smoking is a habit you learned, and it can be unlearned. Even though nicotine is very addictive, you can overcome it. I have not had a cigarette for 30 years (and I smoked for 30 years!) It can be done and hypnosis is the easy, relaxing and cheap way to do it. I used hypnosis to quit smoking and will soon celebrate 30 years as a happy Non-Smoker!

 Smoking is not socially acceptable anymore, and people, who are important to you socially and professionally, are making judgments about you as a smoker, that you will not be able to change. The thing you can change right now is the habit of smoking!

Your tobacco company will not pay your medical bills or your funeral expenses. So what do you have got to lose when you quit smoking? COPD, lung cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, infertility...bad breath, stinky clothes, bad teeth and gums...

What have you got to gain? Lots of money, better health (your body starts to heal itself as soon as you quit smoking) better smelling breath and clothes, improved dental health...improved self-esteem...

 Decide today that you want to live smoke free and believe you can...we will help you achieve your goal to quit smoking. TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE TODAY!

Call us today at 713-562-2864 (cell) or email us at to set up your appointment NOW!

            You were not born with a cigarette in your mouth!

If you are scheduled for surgery or another medical procedure soon, hypnosis can help with fears and anxieties...

surgery picture 3.jpg

We use hypnosis to help alleviate your fears and address your concerns about having surgery or a medical procedure. Call us today for more information about our Peri-operative Hypnosis services. 713-562-2864. We will teach you how to manage your anxiety, post-op discomfort and help you stay motivated to comply with your doctor's orders for medications and treatments/rehab. We can help you expect and assume you will have a safe, uneventful surgery/procedure followed by a rapid and comfortable recovery.

We can also help children and teens with their concerns about having surgery or other medical procedures. Call or text 713-562-2864 for information and to request a free copy of our booklet: How To Help Your Child Prepare for Surgery (or Other Medical Procedures).
Booklet cover Bear 001.jpg
Angry people yelling at each other..jpg

                      Is ANGER causing you serious problems with:
                                      your relationships?
                                      your job?
                                      your mental and physical health?

                                      your self-esteem?

Anger is a natural emotion that usually stems from a perceived threat or loss. It can affects our bodies, thoughts, feelings and behavior and may be experienced in many ways.

Anger can be an incredibly damaging force that can cost people their health, their jobs, their personal and professional relationships and even their lives. It can also be damaging to a person's self-respect and self-esteem.

The good news is that anger can managed. Anger Management Hypnosis is very  effective in helping people identify their anger "trigger" and find ways to manage it in accepable  ways.

If anger is affecting your life in unhealthy ways, call today for an appointment to see if we can help you.


                                                             713-562-2864 (cell- text or call)

      Where to find us...

Please note that we are now in Suite 113. This map is out-of-date.

We are on the eastbound I-10 feeder road between Blalock and Campbell Road.
Take the Blalock /Echo Lane exit off of I-10 eastbound.We are the third building east of the McDonalds at the intersection of Blalock and I-10 feeder. Parking is in the back of the building facing the Hedwig Village City Hall building. Suite 113 is to the left of the main lobby. See you soon!                        

                  9219 Katy Fwy. Ste. 113, Houston, TX. 77024

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                            Our cozy, safe and comfortable office.

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