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Hypnosis helps kids lead happy, healthy and successful lives. At Healthy Changes Hypnosis, we are committed to improving the lives of children and adolescents and offer many services specifically for this age group. By teaching children to use self-hypnosis techniques, we can give them the tools they need to control or conquer many issues that make them unhappy or unhealthy.



Hypnosis can help children and teens with academic performance by:

  • Changing problem behaviors

  • Defeating test anxiety

  • Enjoying learning and reading

  • Improving focus and concentration

  • Improving study and work habits

  • Managing learning problems


Our Academic Star Hypnosis Program addresses many of these issues while working with the child's subconscious mind to help increase focus and ability to recall materials and improve student's confidence in academic skills and to reduce test anxiety.

We explain the process of hypnosis to the child as "using your imagination to help you overcome problems/obstacles to academic success."

Call 713.562-2864 for more information about these programs.



Hypnosis can assist your child or teen achieve sports success by:

  • Conquering fears related to sports

  • Improving focus while playing

  • Improving motivation to play well

  • Improving skills needed for sports

  • Enjoying playing sports

If your child would like to improve skills and performance in a chosen sport such as football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, cheerleading, gymnastics or ice skating, hypnosis is a wonderful tool in helping you succeed.



  • Anxiety/Obsessions

  • Asthma management

  • Behavior & Attitude Issues

  • Coping with chronic illness

  • Depression

  • Diabetes management

  • Drugs & substance abuse

  • Encopresis

  • Enuresis (bed wetting)

  • Fears

  • Grief/Loss

  • Habit Disorders

  • Handling bullies

  • Issues involved with surgery and trauma

  • Pain management (requires doctor's approval)

  • Relationship problems

  • Self-esteem / Self-confidence

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Stuttering

  • Weight control



Can my child be hypnotized?

Children are generally excellent subjects for hypnosis because they have active imaginations and their "critical factor" is less well developed. In fact, recent studies on the brains of teenagers suggest that the "critical factor" is not really well-developed until the early twenties. Because of this, the subconscious mind can be more easily convinced to change beliefs and behaviors that keep the child from living a healthy and happy life. The goal of hypnosis is to give the subconscious mind positive suggestions that are in line with the goals of the client in order to create progress and improvement in the child's life.


Can the hypnotist control my child's mind?

No. Because the hypnotist is working with your child's subconscious mind (which is his/her protector), your child cannot be made to do, think or believe anything that runs counter to the child's core beliefs or values. Your child would just block out such suggestions or come out of hypnosis. No one can be hypnotized without his/her permission and participation.

Can my child get stuck in hypnosis?

No. Hypnosis is very much like daydreaming or being absorbed in a video game, tv, movie or book so there is nothing mysterious or spooky about it. Children are very close to being in a trance state much of the time because of their imaginations, so hypnosis is more natural to them than it is to adults. A child in hypnosis will always "wake-up" when asked to do just like he/she can be convinced to stop playing a video game.


How You Can Help Your Child  
        Prepare For Surgery
(or Other Medical Procedures.


Healthy Changes Hypnosis is owned and staffed by Suzanne Sears, RN, BSN, MS, ACCH. Suzanne is a pediatric nurse and former teacher who has worked with children of all ages for over thirty years. She is an Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and is also certified in Pediatric Hypnosis,and Complementary Medical Hypnosis, as well as in Pain Management Hypnosis.

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