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Stress Reduction Services

Healthy Changes Hypnosis is committed to helping you improve your health, happiness and well-being through our Stress Reduction Services.

Individual hypnosis sessions can help you sort through the reasons you are stressed and we will teach you self-hypnosis techniques you can use at home to "de-stress."

Through play therapy we also help children deal with stress. Kids have fewer ways to understand and cope with stress and play is a natural way to help them with their problems.

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What is Stress?

Stress involves the body's physical, mental and/or emotional response to change in the environment (internal, external or both).

Stress can be acute (of swift onset and short duration) or chronic (slower onset but of long duration). Chronic stress causes the most serious effects on the body.

Stress can be good or bad and is entirely perceptual. This means that what causes you to feel stressed is entirely individual to you and is usually based on past experiences and other personal factors.

Gaining perspective is vital to coping with stress:

1. Is this issue an irritation?
2. Is this a major problem?
3. Is this a catastrophe?
4. What will it be in a year?

5. Is this even your problem?

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How Does Stress Affect Us?

Your body has an efficient emergency response mechanism to handle acute stress, which involves some very powerful stress hormones to help you cope with the emergency. However, when stress becomes chronic it can actually make you sick!

Your body is not meant to deal with stress hormones constantly and they can affect every part of your body through the mind-body connection of the pituitary (Master) gland in the brain. Stress can make you sick physically, mentally and emotionally.

Kids get stressed too and have fewer ways to cope than adults do! Since children can't express that they're stressed, they may act out.


Common Effects of Stress on the Body

Breathing problems, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea/vomiting, headaches, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, skin disorders (many are made worse by stress).

Depression, difficulty making decisions, feelings of panic/anxiety, memory problems, mood changes, aggression.

Compulsive actions, increased addictive behaviors, loss of self-esteem, loss of interest in things you once enjoyed, sleep problems.

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