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            Important news for Healthy Changes Hypnosis in 2020...

As of January 1st, we will NO longer accept any Groupon vouchers purchased after 01/01/2020 for Weight Loss Group hypnosis sessions. Groupon has decided that they can determine "fair market value" for our hypnosis services and keep changing the values on their deals. The original deal was supposed to be 3 sessions for $149.00 which was half-price in 2015. They have now decided it should be 3/$112.00!

If you already have a Groupon voucher for Weight Loss Group Hypnosis purchased before 01/01/2020, it will be honored.  For anyone interested in 3 sessions of Weight Loss Group Hypnosis for $149.00 (half-price) please contact Suzanne at 713-562-2864 or A group can be 2 or more people. Have a Lose Weight-Feel Great Hypnosis party with friends and family members at your home and form your own support group!

 A new and helpful article about ANXIETY

    The "4-1-1" on Anxiety or "Why Are We All So Anxious These Days?"

                                                                                  Let's begin by defining some terms:


ANXIETY, is a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease,typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Anxiety is a normal, universal human emotion and comes about because we can anticipate the future. Anxiety may have a specific cause or be more generalized and can be a matter of degree. It is an appropriate and desirable response to real danger, but can also cause a response that is out of proportion to the actual threat and seriously disrupt a person's life when the person feels a loss of self-control. self- esteem or feels powerless. Sometimes anxiety can become a habit!

FEAR, on the other hand, is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, loss or is a threat to the physical self (or self-esteem). Fear is the feeling of being scared, alarmed or frightened. Fear is an important survival mechanism and is common to many species of animals. Fear activates the Sympathetic Nervous System which sends out adrenaline  to get the person ready to "fight or flee"... the heart beats faster, breathing increases, perspiration increases, muscles get ready to react, the eyes dilate and mental focus increases.





Anxiety and fear can cause many physical, mental and emotional reactions and in children is the most common mental or emotional issue requiring treatment.

No one likes to feel anxious, especially children. The good news is that learning Self-Hypnosis can be a very effective tool to help  people  learn new ways to regain a sense of control and to take charge of their bodies and lives when anxiety threatens to overwhelm them. I have also found that learning to do Tapping (EFT technique) is extremely helpful and I often teach it to both children and adults.

If you would like to learn more about using Self-Hypnosis and Tapping, please text me or call me at 713-562-2864 for more information.

                                                                 So WHY are we all so anxious these days?

Perhaps it has to do with how fast change occurs and how our society is no longer anchored in familiar places and with familiar people. Any kind of changes requires adaptation and sometimes this challenges our coping mechanisms too much. We are constantly bombarded by stimuli and many people (especially Highly Sensitive People and Children) find they don't have the resources to cope.

            So... here is a very easy and useful HINT to reduce anxiety...turn off the NEWS and Social Media! Spend some time just being quiet, listening to music or working on a hobby. Make a habit of doing things that make you happy!!!

                                                                  Paul Harvey ( very famous radio personality from 1952 to 2008) once said :

"In times like these, it helps to remember there have always been times like these."

The REAL news about weight loss...

Bad news about weight loss...if you take calories in and don't use them, they will be stored as fat!

Good news about weight can learn to change your eating habits using hypnosis!

 You can learn to choose healthy foods, control your food portions and stay motivated to exercise. Habits are learned and they can be changed. Hypnosis is a fun,easy and effective way to change your eating habits and reach your weight loss goals!

...and speaking of habit changes...

  The best thing you can do for you life is to QUIT SMOKING NOW!

Hypnosis is the fun, easy, and cheap way to finally stop smoking! Hypnosis has no bad side effects ...well, maybe relaxation, which is a good thing! So, even if you missed the Great American Smoke-out in November, you can still "leave the pack behind" and join the winners who have decided to be normal again (breathing smoke is not normal). So, call or text Suzanne at 713-562-2864 today and find out how we can help you to help YOU decide that 2020 is THE year you finally QUIT SMOKING NOW!

Let 2020 be the year you finally take control of your life... let us help you give up the habit you have of using tobacco...hypnosis is the fun, pleasant ,effective and cheap way to Quit Smoking!

Get ready for the life you want and deserve in 2020. You can totally change your life by getting smoke-free using Quit Smoking NOW! hypnosis. You were not born smoking cigarettes. It is a habit you learned and you can learn to conquer your addiction to nicotine .Call or text Suzanne to schedule. What have you got to lose? Share this with someone you care about who wants to live smoke-free too.


                                                             Helping Healthcare Professionals

Healthy Changes Hypnosis likes to honor healthcare professionals all year, so we are offering to do special free"Tame Your Stress" sessions for nurses and other healthcare professionals (groups or individuals) during the coming year. We love to do these sessions for hospitals, doctors offices, clinic and any nursing organizations!

To arrange  for sessions, call or text Suzanne at 713-562-2864. Sessions can be held in our office or at your place of business.

Learn how to evaluate your stressors and try new coping techniques. Let 2020 be your year to be happy and healthy!!

Life Long Learning 55+

     Classes for Senior Citizens

In cooperation with our sister company, The Healthy Changes Wellness Learning Center, we are now offering health and wellness classes for Senior Citizens in the Houston area through our program called LifeLong Learning 55+. Our specialty is teaching people how to deal with stress with the fun and interactive class "Tame Your Stress", but we now offer many other topics of interest to individuals who want to remain healthy  happy and informed in their retirement years. Our newest class is Women and Heart Disease with important information about how women experience heart disease and prevention measures we can all take. We would love to bring these classes to your senior living community or senior activities center. Please call Suzanne at 713-562-2864 for more information.

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